Even though the cable TV networks have been so much spread worldwide that almost anyone can get connected to it, people still want to look for something with more benefits and features. Since the cable lines can easily be disconnected due to storms and accidents, the limelight has recently been focused on wireless TV connections, and thus the frenzy of wireless satellite direct connection to PC is coming up. However, every great thing has potential areas of misuse, so does this facility.

Since people are moving towards TV on pc software connections more and more, some companies are starting to misuse the attention. There have been some advertisements where companies are promising to provide customers with over 1,000 channels through satellite tv on pc. However, when it comes to reality, it has been often reported that almost 90% of them do not live to that promise.

A major reason behind such scams is actually us, the customers ourselves. Some of those companies are openly advertising that they will broadcast 100s of channels from countries like Iceland, Poland, etc. Now, with just a little bit of research, it is easily found that none of these countries even have that much TV channels available, even if you liberally consider some of those channels to be worthy of counting. Many believe that the scams are getting more and more spread because we, without understanding, are buying their idea.

The effects of such scams have been bad as well. Many people purchased their products with innocence intentions, and never saw a return of their money. Even though it has been suggested that the clients should file a fraudulent report in such cases, it is quite normal to believe that nothing is actually going to work.

To stop such scams, international rules should be made and promoted all over the world. If people get to be aware of how things can potentially go wrong with such companies, they will start to show more concern before buying just anything. Once the concern is raise, such scams can be removed once and for all.

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